Press-release: Official launch of alpha

“That Is.Me” URLs for your new online home page


Unlike conventional URL shorteners, “That Is.Me” provides web addresses that read as slogans. And this is just the beginning of the list full of other perks: get ready for many mini applications useful for social networking and blogging.

LONDON, 6 April 2010 (Brands-and-Jingles)

Nowadays people are converting their Internet links into omnipresent short uniform resource locators (URLs), a hype created by Twitter, a messaging system, which allows maximum 140 character entries. Good chances are that you have been clicking on,, to name a few. Big online names followed the suit shortly. Amazon has acquired, French Dialymotion bought, Facebook already owns, Google uses, LiveJournal integrated, Posterous has, WordPress went for, and YouTube is working with

Unlike all of the above URLs that deploy difficult to remember alphanumeric codes, “That Is.Me”, a new social platform, provides web addresses that read as slogans or complete sentences. “That Is.Me” went live in earlier 2010 and has dozen, if not hundreds, of other jingling names in the pipeline ready to be released as soon as the demand catches up.

With “That Is.Me”, it is now possible to have Internet sites with addresses like or If your name is Sarah Smith, you may wish to rush to enrol for your impressive web address

On top of these nice and catchy URLs, “That Is.Me” also offers web templates that consolidate multiple user profiles and web sites on one single page. For instance, “Frames” theme will load all user’s sites into one page and make switching between them as easy as an instant click on the tabbed menu.

Another theme, “Cards”, offers great ways to present contact information in elegant and animated way.

While in the alpha stage, registrations at “That Is.Me” are by invitation only. Yet, the site developers encourage people to subscribe and try their new platform already now before it goes public later on in 2010.

About Brands-and-Jingles:

Founded in 2008, Brands-and-Jingles is a marketing agency sponsored by MAKTIG Venture Capital. Its international team in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ukraine creates and develops jingles that intensify brands online as well as in the real world. The agency has been working on wider umbrella project since its inception in 2008, when it was formerly known as (including,, and Throughout 2009 it added new features with new domain names (e.g., and became the lead operator of all sites. For more information, visit

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