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Gold Photography hosts Perth’s finest professional photography team dedicated to bringing you the best photographers in Perth. Gold Photography is designed with you in mind. For people getting married, its a BIG deal and so many people worry about having ONE person (The photographer) provide the full service for their wedding or event. What if the photographer gets sick? Forgets the date? Has a flat tire? Is unable to edit the photos the way you want?

These are all valid questions and we have designed the perfect answer. Gold Photography comprises of local professional photographers and expert editors. This means we have multiple photographers on hand to cover all the unexpected. We also have a photography consultant who not only looks after you from start to finish, they organise everything for you. We also use professional editors as we find this area is a specialised job in itself and we feel the photographers are best left to do what they do best…shoot photos.

This means you have a team of people working round the clock to provide your photos quickly but more importantly, professionally. No more waiting for months for your photos, or trusting one person with the whole responsibility. Each professional specialises in their area and they do it well..which in turn provides you with the very best outcome.

Company: Gold Photography

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