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Iryna’s book of poems ‘Ран’ is out and available for purchase!

17/06/2011 @ 21:22

The first book of poems by Iryna Shuvalova “Ран” (pronounced ‘rawn’) is out!

It is also available for purchase on Etsy

According to the author, the book’s title does not have a distinct meaning in Ukrainian (although it sounds suspiciously similar to ‘рана’, Ukrainian for ‘wound’). However, the author does not deny that it can also be interpreted as transcription of English verb ‘run’ or as a similarly-sounding Japanese word, meaning ‘chaos’ or ‘orchid’.

The book contains over 60 poems (more than 120 pages).

‘Ran’ features gorgeous cover art by Christopher Conn Askew, so go ahead and visit his website

Besides, Ukrainian photo-artist Olexiy Pishtar has created wonderful illustrations to the book. You can take a look at his works on deviantART

Feel free to check poems from ‘Ran’, available on this site in English, German, Polish and Russian translations. However, keep in mind that Iryna’s book is entirely in Ukrainian!

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